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Limited edition Paperback edition of The Firewatcher's Daughter, featuring 6 full page illustrations by horror painter Mariusz Lewandowski. This edition is exlusively available from


Each copy is hand autographed by Ryan Sturrock. If you would like the autograph dedicated to a named person, please provide the name of the person on the order form.


The shadowy figure of a man stalks the hellish, fiery landscape of the afterlife in search of his daughter. An old woman wanders the streets of Edinburgh in the dead of night, calling out to the city’s children in a voice only they can hear. An Edinburgh hangman is haunted by the ghosts of the prisoners he has hanged. The ghost of an orphan keeper haunts the hallways of her orphanage which burnt to the ground decades ago. In the abandoned Lady Victoria Colliery, the ancient relic of a woman is rousing from a hundred year coma. And at the centre of it all is the firewatcher’s daughter.


ISBN: 978-1-8381274-2-8

180 Pages

The Firewatcher's Daughter Paperback

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