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Only available from Ryan's official website

E-book available from
Amazon Kindle, Kobo, and Google Play

The shadowy figure of a man stalks the hellish, fiery landscape

of the afterlife in search of his daughter.

An old woman wanders the streets of Edinburgh in the dead of night,

calling out to the city’s children in a voice only they can hear.

An Edinburgh hangman is haunted by the ghosts

of the prisoners he has hanged.

The ghost of an orphan keeper haunts the hallways of her orphanage

which burnt to the ground decades ago.

In the abandoned Lady Victoria Colliery, the ancient relic

of a woman is rousing from a hundred year coma.

And at the centre of it all, is the firewatcher’s daughter. 

This limited edition paperback is strictly available from here, Ryan's official website. Every copy is hand autographed by Ryan and features 6 full page colour illustrations by acclaimed horror painter Mariusz Lewandowski.

Book Cover FRONT.jpg

The dying bird brings the plague, the plague brings the dust,
and the dust brings death.
Plagued by dusk, dust by dawn. The world will crumble,
the dead will rise, and everyone will sing.

The plague has swept across the planet, claiming the lives
of millions of people. In Edinburgh, doctor Ian Campbell
hides a swarm of plague victims in his underground
plague hospital, locking them away from society.

Present Day
A new, aggressive and highly infectious strain of the
ancient plague emerges, threatening to wipe the human race
from the face of the planet.

Hidden beneath the streets of Edinburgh, a primitive race
of people have been patiently biding their time, dreaming
of the day they will roam the streets once more.


Book Orders: Dispatched next working day (Monday - Saturday)

Photography Prints: Custom printed to order. Usually dispatched within 7 working days.


All orders dispatched from Scotland using Royal Mail.

UK Delivery: 3-5 working days from dispatch.

Rest of the world: 7-10 working days from dispatch.

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